Rio Rancho New Mexico Embassy Suites Hotel

Albuquerque is located on the Rio Grande in central New Mexico and is a desert metropolis with a warm, dry climate. Originally settled by Spanish colonists on the banks of the river in the early 18th century, this sprawling modern city became the New Mexico trade and transport hub and boasts an incredible cultural heritage that includes a rich history of art, music, architecture and other crafts. Thanks to its unique heritage, you will find a wide range of restaurants, shops and galleries that are never far away, and the city is home to numerous artists. New Town, as it is called by the locals, has one of the best nightlife and is home to numerous artists.

Adobe architecture to touch, a guided tour, a refreshing of regional knowledge in one of the interesting museums or even an extensive tour of a locally-set pop culture phenomenon. Albuquerque offers its visitors opportunities: to relax, admire the mud buildings or take guided tours. Adventurers can escape the urban bustle and head out into the desert to camp or explore, or make it on one or many nearby trails, but Albuquerque also offers opportunities for visitors in the form of hiking, biking, camping and other outdoor activities.

The UNM LoboPerks discount rate of $104 is offered by the University of New Mexico's Office of Public Relations and includes fast Internet access. There are no discounts from the UN M Community, but those who receive the discount must prove it.

Please note the key package that you will receive with your check to plan your cleaning service for that day. Change bed linen and towels, empty garbage, refill soap and toilet paper as needed, replace soiled towels and empty the garbage. Change bed linen and towels, refill and replace soiled towels. Fill water bottles with fresh water and refill, empty garbage and refill soap or toilet paper if necessary.

The bedroom suites cost $126 and there are two beds, one in each room with kitchenette and sofa or couch, and two in the bathroom. The room has a kitchenette, sofa and couch; there is a bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, shower and toilet paper and towels.

Fresh towels and linen are available for $1.7 per night, which will stay for 1 / 7 of a night. Please contact us to book your room to receive a discount.

For stays of seven days, guests pay for the entire stay, one week at a time or if the stay is less than seven days. Upon payment of the weekly rate, the stay will be charged at check-in and the indicated rate will be debited from the credit card on which the reservation is made. If your reservation is cancelled, it must be cancelled within 30 days of check-in or within 24 hours of arrival at the hotel. For stays of more than five days, all guests are required to pay a week in advance, but for stays of less than six days or more than nine days. Guests must pay the full amount of the amount they paid for this stay at check-in.

The month is payable on the first night of the stay and does not exceed $50 tax per month per pet. For stays of more than five days, a week or if the pet tax is not more than $150 (pet tax), the entire stay will be charged at check-in. The monthly rate is $1,500 per week, maximum $100 taxes upon arrival at the hotel or $250 per day for one night, whichever is paid.

Guests who cancel or fail to show up within 24 hours of their prepayment will lose their non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. If guests cancel, they will forfeit all deposits, including taxes, for a total of $1,500 per week.

To receive the LoboPerks discount, you must call the Albuquerque location and request UNM Pay - your own rate - or call (801) 888-467-8500 and follow the link to

The Rio Rancho New Mexico Embassy Suites Hotel in Albuquerque, NM is located on the second floor of the UNM Student Center, at the corner of N. Main Street and Rio Grande Avenue.

Major employers in the region include the University of New Mexico, the UNM Student Center and the Albuquerque Convention and Visiting Office. As stated on the Business Offers page, all the companies, goods and services they offer are supported by the University and its LoboCard Office. Please contact these companies if you would like to learn about partnering with our discount program.

The reception can assist you with the delivery of mail, fax and photocopying services if you require them. We offer the UNM community a special year for balloon festivals and the meeting of nations. Rooms are cleaned according to a common goal based on the number of nights spent.

More About Rio Rancho

More About Rio Rancho